President’s Observations

At the 2004 International ARCHIBUS Users’ Conference, ARCHIBUS, Inc. President and CEO Bruce K. Forbes addressed an audience of users and partners. These excerpts highlight some of his observations on work processes and technological trends and how they relate to the global community of ARCHIBUS users.
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The Internet: The Great Equalizer
"Today, with the Internet, we have the great equalizer. I can make anyone with a smart dashboard get access to just what they want.…The meaning to us is very simple—get it yourself!"

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Running time: 2:23

Convergence and Interoperability
"Today, we have a phenomenal level of convergence."

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Running time: 1:51

Be Part of History
"Where were you when AutoCAD was invented—maybe you don’t remember. Where were you when ARCHIBUS was invented? You were part of it, making it happen."

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Running time: 0:42

Information is Power
"By using facilities information to relocate knowledgeable people, we are empowered. By understanding weaknesses in the manufacturing chain, we become powerful. Power in the sense of people…helping the corporations we serve."

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Running time: 2:06

Making an Impact on the Bottom Line
"Because of the technologies deployed—and ARCHIBUS was a big part—[client Telefonica Spain] saved 968 million Euros.…From a CEO’s perspective, a penny saved can be worth many more."

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Running time: 4:21